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My husbend’s penis-foreskin not move a bit back and he is diabetic.......

Dear Dr., namaste, My husbend is suffering from yeast problem. he is diabetic and sugar variate between 200 to 300. his penis forsikn not move a bit back and when he intercourse then forskin get many cuts. he feel too much itching on is penis and when he itch it then some thick white paste came out from under forskin i think its yeast. pls help me and tell me what is this diseases and what medicine he should take pls tell as early as possible.
Dear sister Trisha, I think the term you are using "yeast" is for 'SMIGMA' .First of all he is a diabetic, it must be undercontrol and the next problem is foreskin of his organ is not moving back during intercourse; this is called "निरुद्ध प्रकश" in ayurved and a minor surgery like circumcision will solve this problem. This is not a big problem, please give him following medicines ----
1 . Aarogyavardhini bati (आरोग्यवर्धिनी बटी) three times a day after meals with luke warm water.
2 . Taalsindoor(ताल सिन्दूर) 5 graam + Gandhak rasaayan(गंधक रसायन) 15 graam + ras maanikya(रस माणिक्य) 10 gram ; make 60 equal doses of this mixture and give him with 2 tea spoonful of equal mixture of Saarivaadyaarishta + Mahamanjishthaadi kadha, two times a day after meals.
3. Basant kusumaakar ras one tab two times a day with water.
4 . Tribang bhasma 20 gram + powder of GUDMAAR LEAF 60 gram + powder of dried NEEM LEAF 60 gram + dried Shilajit 120 gram ; pond this mixture properly and make tabs of appx.500 Mg. take two tabs four times a day with two tea spoonful Aloe-Aamla juice.
These medicines must be taken at least for two months, avoid non-veg, oily and spicy foods.

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